Ashes to Ashes

Slide Installation, two endless changing projections on sand and on the wall, 2005

The installation deals with cults of the dead, funeral rites and culture connected to the earth. I established a relationship between cults of the living — the dead found in Europe and Latin America and the concepts of pleasure — frustration, energies of life — death, courage to face life — death. Through this the rather complex theme transforms into a “lightness of being”. The floor projection consists of realist slides taken in cemeteries of various cultures that I etched into and painted over. For this purpose I mainly used epitaphs found in cemeteries, such as: “her dirty mouth often complained, now it is stuffed with dust” or “she did the dusting all her life, now she has become the dust herself”. The wall projection shows a variety of clear and cloudy skies, an association with height and distance, marked off at the bottom by houses, spires and treetops.

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