2014 – 2017  Work on several art projects artists in schools of the cultural argents program

2007             Artist curator of the international project “Conspiracy Dwellings”, Erfurt and London

2005 – 2007  Lectureship at the University Erfurt (Germany)

1998 – 2003  Studies of fine art and video-design at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany and Ècole Supérieur des Beaux Arts Geneva, Switzerland

1995 – 1999  Curator and initiator of four different European art studio projects, Erfurt (Germany)

1995             Studio exchange in Amsterdam, Netherlands

1992             International Performance Festival in Erfurt (Germany), initiator, curator, actor

1990             Member founder of the Artist House “Kunsthaus”, Erfurt (Germany)

1981 – 1989  Education and work experience as restorer for paintings at the Church-Studio Erfurt


2017       Artist-in-Residence, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, grant of Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations

2016       Artist-in-Residence, Goethe Institute of Gulf Region and Stal Gallery, Muscat (Oman)

2015       Travel grant of German Films and Senate for Culture Affairs of Berlin

2014      Artist-in-Residence 1Shanti Road Studio Gallery, Bangalore, India

2013       Recipient of a film grant for an international film production of medienboard, Berlin

2012       Recipient of scholarship of the Thuringian Cultural Foundation (Germany)

2011       Recipient of scholarship of the Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs, Berlin

2010       Artist-in-Residence, 435 International Artist Village, Banciao City, T.C. (Taiwan)

2009       Artist-in-Residence, Art Commune ACSL in Yerevan (Armenia)

2009       Recipient of a grant of Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Germany)

2008       Recipient of scholarship of the Thuringian Cultural Foundation (Germany)

2007       Green Island Human Rights International Artists’ Workshop, Green Island (Taiwan)

2006       HweiLan International Artist Workshop, Hualien (Taiwan)

2003       Artist-in-Residence Program at the University Tasmania, Academy of Arts (Australia)

2000       Recipient of national scholarship of Free State of Thuringia (Germany)

1994       Residency in Mexico-City and Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)

1992       Recipient of scholarship of Kulturfonds Berlin (Germany)


2020      Verwandlung Inszenierung Rollenspiel, Gedok Galerie,Berlin

2019       Radical Women Artists Behind the Iron Curtain, Wende Museum, Los Angeles (USA)

2019       bauhausFRAUEN, Kunsthalle der Kunstmuseen Erfurt (Germany)

2019       Half of the world belongs to us, Galerie futura, Berlin (Germany) 

2018/19 Medea muckt auf, radical artists behind the iron curtain Albertinum, Dresden (Germany)

2018       Rethinking identities, Haohouse contemporary, Taipei (Taiwan)

2018       Himmel über Berlin, Gedok Galerie, Berlin (Germany)

2018/19 PingPongPeng, together with Katia Fouquet, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin (Germany) (S)

2017/18  bilder fragen, H2-Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst im Glaspalast, Augsburg (Germany)

2017      Gabriele Münter Prize 2017 (Shortlist artists), Akademie der Künste, Berlin and Women Museum Bonn (Germany)

2016       Omani Song Book, Stal Gallery, Muscat (Oman) (S)

2016       Gegenstimmen, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin (Germany)

2016       Welcome to Futuristan, Kunstquartier Betanien, Berlin (Germany)

2015      Reel & Imagined, Maison de la Culture de Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal (Canada)

2014       Guangzhou Live Art Festival 5, Guangzhou (China)

2013/14  Between Retreat and Provocation. Erfurt subculture, Kunsthalle Erfurt (Germany)

2013      Territories.beyond desire, Gallery futura, Berlin (Germany) (S)

2013       Britto International Art, Shilpakala Academy Dhaka (Bangladesh)

2013/12  Dying Eyes, China Academy of Arts HangZhou (CN), Museum of Medical Humanity Taipei (TW), Schmiede Media Art Festival, Hallein (A)

2012       Ambiguous being.who is afraid of identity, Hong Gah Museum Taipei (TW), Kuv16Gallery of Contemporary Art, TelAviv (IL), TamtamArt, Berlin

2011       imagine the future, Artobia Art Space, Hualien City (Taiwan)

2011      Territories of Intimacy, Gallery Oberwelt, Stuttgart (Germany) (S)

2010      Bouche a’ Oreille, savvy contemporary, Berlin (Germany) (S with Yingmei Duan)

2010      Fall Residency Artists, 435 International Artist Village Banciao T.C. (Taiwan)

2010      occupation: female artist, Gallery Futura, Berlin and Women Museum Bonn (Germany)

2009      and now, female artists from the GDR, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (Germany)

2009      Territory of Intimacy, Museum of Modern Art, Eriwan (Armenia) (S)

2008      Territory of Intimacy//Forbidden Kisses, Galeria e Vogel, National Gallery Tirana (Albania) (S)

2008      re.act..feminism-performance art, Akademie der Künste, Berlin (Germany)

2007      Conspiracy Dwellings, South Hill Park Art Gallery, Bracknell (UK)

2007      The Green Island Human Rights International Artists’ Workshop (Taiwan)

2006      Hweilan International Artist Workshop Results, Hualien (Taiwan)

2006      Pearls and sows, Museum of Young Art, Frankfurt (Germany)

2005      embedding, the former state security service prison in Erfurt (Germany)

2004      CO4 Taiwan Avant-Garde Documenta II, Taipei, department of cultural affair (Taiwan)

2004      Layers of Culture, Installation on the friendship island, Potsdam (Germany)

2003      Over Water-Underwater, Installation in the cavity of the bridge, Cologne (Germany) (S)

2001      secretly, Hidden Museum, Berlin, ACC-Gallery, Weimar (Germany)

2000      Gabriele Münter Prize, Frauen-Museum, Bonn (Germany)

2000      International Art Prize 2000, art gallery werkP2, Hürth (Germany)

2000      Can one eat art? Citadel Spandau, Berlin (Germany)

1999      Light Houses, slides and video projection on towers in the old city of Erfurt (Germany)

1999      Art is ego, subterranean ways of the citadel Petersberg, Erfurt (Germany)

1999      Layers of Culture, Town Museum, Siegburg and Castle Museum, Gotha (Germany)

1997      The Golden Fleece, Gallery „Zum Güldenen Krönbacken „, Erfurt (Germany)

1996      Angezählt, Anger Museum, Erfurt (Germany)

1996      Nordlicht-Südlicht, Galerie Formidabile, Erfurt (Germany) (S)

1995      5-Room-Apartment, Gallery „Zum Güldenen Krönbacken“, Erfurt (Germany)

1994      Files and Letters, Gallery „Harderbastei“, Ingolstadt (Germany)

1994      Zugvögel, Museum Gallery Gotha, „Dschungelgöttinnen“, Gallery Kunsthaus Erfurt (Germany) (S)

1993      Rips, project in public spaces, Erfurt (Germany)

1992      Archäologische Zeitzeichen, Gallery Kunsthaus Erfurt (Germany) (S)

1991      Atlantis, Ballhaus Nordpark, Düsseldorf and Galerie 22 Stuttgart (Germany) (S with G. Stötzer)

1990      Lautre Allemagne hors les murs, Gallery “La Vilette”, Paris (France)


2020      Vision and Failure, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel)

2019       Screening Verena Kyselka, Kunsthalle Erfurt (Germany)

2019       Ida Kerkovius, Kunsthaus, Apolda (Germany)

2018       Rückgabe, Screening of Medienwerkstatt, Kino Central, Berlin (Germany)

2017       Genius loci, Galerie Oberwelt, Stuttgart (Germany)

2017       Directors Lounge Screening, Z-Bar, Berlin (Germany)

2016      contemporary art ruhr, Zeche Zollverein, Essen (Germany)

2016      medienwerkstatt at Berliner Liste, Kraftwerk Berlin (Germany)

2015      On The Road Film Festival, Spot Taipei Film House, Taipei (Taiwan)

2015      Artist Fair Taiwan, Taipei (Taiwan)

2015      Sans Serif 2, New media art from Berlin, Gallery Carmelo Gonzáles, Havana (Cuba)

2015      Linke Kinonacht, Ufo Studios, Berlin (Germany)

2015      Screening program of media workshop, Kino Central, Berliner Liste, Kraftwerk, Berlin

2015      Papay Gyro Night Video Art Festival, Orkney Islands Scottland, Videotage Hong Kong

2015      Displaced Festival, Mendelsohnhalle Luckenwalde (Germany)

2014      Filmfest Berlin-Lichtenberg (Germany)

2014      Filmfest Dresden, Kino Schauburg, Dresden (Germany)

2013      Künstlerinnen Programm, Kino arsenal, Berlin (Germany)

2012      exDox, International experimental documentary Film Festival

2012      Schmiede Media Art Festival, Hallein (Austria)

2011      TRANSEUROPA Festival, Kino arsenal, Berlin (Germany)

2011      24th STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER, Film festival Stuttgart, Friction followers (Germany)


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Inhalt .


Over more than a decade, I have developed and realized intercultural projects, which are motivated by discovery of “foreignness” in the homeland and the “familiarity” in a foreign country. The essential feature of her work is dealing with identity in intercultural comparison and the impact of contemporary history and cultural tradition on ethnic coexistence, but just as on the experience with and memory of landscape.

These related artistic investigations are embedded in a long-term ongoing project titled „Territory of Intimacy”. The development of the project took me to Albania, Armenia, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Oman and to Kyrgyzstan. The main focus of my artistic practice is the intercultural approach and international understanding in comparing different civilizations.

The outcomes of this project take different shapes and forms from video installations, and collages to performances about self-determination, gender roles, the current social situation and the longings of different ethnic groups for the originating countries. However, whatever I am find is often different to what I expected, while at the same time reshaping the questions I asked. What is it that touches us and what affects our own history?

These works are influenced by my cultural background and my experience of suppression in East Germany (GDR). There my artistic development in context of the female artist group Exterra XX started. My longing, then as now, is the world-wide and irrepressible fascination with foreign cultures. This forward-distance view leads me back to my own life story and my current life sphere. In this context my artistic work is a search to global history and societal responsibility.