Over more than a decade, I have developed and realized intercultural projects, which are motivated by discovery of “foreignness” in the homeland and the “familiarity” in a foreign country. The essential feature of her work is dealing with identity in intercultural comparison and the impact of contemporary history and cultural tradition on ethnic coexistence, but just as on the experience with and memory of landscape.

These related artistic investigations are embedded in a long-term ongoing project titled „Territory of Intimacy”. The development of the project took me to Albania, Armenia, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Oman and to Kyrgyzstan. The main focus of my artistic practice is the intercultural approach and international understanding in comparing different civilizations.

The outcomes of this project take different shapes and forms from video installations, and collages to performances about self-determination, gender roles, the current social situation and the longings of different ethnic groups for the originating countries. However, whatever I am find is often different to what I expected, while at the same time reshaping the questions I asked. What is it that touches us and what affects our own history?

These works are influenced by my cultural background and my experience of suppression in East Germany (GDR). There my artistic development in context of the female artist group Exterra XX started. My longing, then as now, is the world-wide and irrepressible fascination with foreign cultures. This forward-distance view leads me back to my own life story and my current life sphere. In this context my artistic work is a search to global history and societal responsibility.


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