Heavy History

The heavy story I carry always with me

Performance, Guangzhou Live Art Festival 5, Youyou Art Centre in Xiaozhou, Guangzhou, China, 2014

I wrote by hand the fateful story of my origin, my family, and the political events in the context on the approximately 1000-meter-long textile tape. The textile tape is unrolled by the audience piece by piece and from one hand to next hand and thus readable for the audience. After that, the tape is stretched in the space and serves to delimit and mark the radius of action. The heavy burden of my story I have weighed in 100 kg of sand, which is divided into small bags. The bags are gradually attached to the metal costume during I slowly move through the space. With increasing duration and the imposed story charged to me burden is becoming more and more difficult to carry until walking is hardly possible and the senses are weakening with effort. I free myself from the load by cutting open the sand bags.

The work was supported by Guangzhou Live Art Festival and German Embassy in Guangzhou.



Exhibition View at Kommunale Galerie Berlin, 2019

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